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Halogen-free advanced materials

UV resistant, halogen-free flame resistant TPE compound

UL62,UL758                         Application            Power cord            Electronic wire            USB cable            HDMI cable            E...

Flexible halogen-free flame resistant TPE compound

 UL62,UL758,HD21.14                                     Application            Power cord            Electronic wire            USB cable            HD...

Flexible halogen-free flame resistant TPE injection compound

UL62,UL758,HD21.14                                    Application            AC/DC power plug                                    Typical characteristic...

Flexible TPE compound

UL62,UL758,HD21.14                         Application            Wind power cable            Control cable            Electronic wire            USB c...

Flexible Halogen-free Flame Retardant TPU Compound

Application            Oil platform Cable            Automobile cable            Elevator cable            Shield machine cable             Towline cab...

Halogen-free fire-resistant cable compound

Application            Alarm cable            Airport, Shopping mall, High building cable                                    Typical CharacteristicsExc...

Halogen-free Master Batch

JLS can supply all kinds of halogen-free master batch according to customerís requirement.
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