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Phosphorus Based Flame Retardants

Plastic manufacturing companies are just one example of those that extensively use flame retardant chemicals in their processes, like phosphorus-based flame retardants, and non-halogenated flame retardants depending on specific needs. Not only does this make the product process far safer, it also results in end products for consumers with better fire retardant properties that are more desirable. During plastic manufacturing, heat is used extensively, so it is easily understandable why using flame retardant chemicals is necessary. You will be pleased to have discovered JLS Chemical USA, which is focused on servicing business and industry with the right chemicals to suit the materials that require flame retardant properties. We have a cost-effective solution if you seek phosphorus-based flame retardants and other chemicals. You enjoy professional customer support and guidance for their use from professional PHD chemists that make up our staff complement.

It is really self-explanatory why companies manufacturing products and the construction industry use phosphorus-based flame retardants and other varieties of chemicals of this nature extensively. Fires can break out for any reason, and lives and property can be saved because these chemicals will slow the fire down, while also reducing toxic smoke and fumes, which are the cause of many more deaths, even more so than the actual flames of a fire. Initially, phosphorus-based flame retardants were more widely used in plastic manufacturing and insulation for electrical products, but now they are extensively used in many other different applications.

Sponge foams, insulation spray on compounds, drywall sealing, and even refrigeration uses phosphorus-based flame retardants extensively because this chemical is more stable than others. These chemicals are also easily combined with the materials for the process of manufacturing special plastics, and also for the production of different foams used in a variety of consumer goods, from mattresses to furniture. There are certain regulations in place that enforce the use of phosphorus-based flame retardants, non-halogenated flame retardants, or alternatives, especially in materials that would have dangers of spontaneous combustion without them. In fires, foams can produce poisonous fumes, which can result in smoke inhalation that is toxic to humans, resulting in death. Flame retardant chemicals reduce this from happening.

Choosing a leading company, like JLS Chemical USA, for all your phosphorus-based flame retardants and alternatives is sensible, and after you have seen our impeccable credentials and mission to serve businesses to the best of our ability in long-term relationships, we know that you will choose us. There is a selection of environmentally-friendly flame retardant chemicals produced by us to suit many different industries and their applications. You will also find that we offer the best value for money without compromising on quality and the chemicals we produce are extensively tested in trials on an ongoing basis. You can definitely get all your requirements filled for phosphorus-based flame retardants at JLS Chemical USA, and have the back-up customer support, which is available whenever you need it.

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