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Non Toxic Flame Retardants

Thousands of people die from fires every year that break out due to a variety of different factors. The majority of fires are caused through electrical faults, poor maintenance, where gas or flammable liquids leak, through smoking, and lastly, through natural disasters and accidents. Many lives can be saved if the materials were treated with non-toxic flame retardants, and with the new, researched chemicals available from JLS Chemicals USA, this is now possible.

Although there are dozens of useful chemicals on the market that are used for flame retardants and in the lowering of poisonous fumes, there are few that come with the desirability of also being environmentally-friendly, as well. The use of non-toxic flame retardants is that it will not contaminate the user, or during the manufacturing process for the products that are being treated. You will be pleased to find that we offer a variety of non-toxic flame retardant chemicals for a variety of different purposes. One of the industries that use chemicals of this nature extensively is the plastic industry. Different types of plastic raw materials can be treated with non-toxic flame retardants, which is a plus for consumers who will choose these over others.

Non-toxic flame retardants are also used in coatings, such as select paints and compounds that are mixed to make the coating before application. In the building industry, treating structural, steel, and other building chemicals with in-tumescent coatings is fast becoming the rule rather than the exception. You will discover that JLS Chemical USA leads the field when it comes to high quality, non-toxic flame retardants, not only due to the high standards in quality, but also because of their cost-effectiveness. What is equally important is the technical expertise of our customer care. We have professional staff that can answer your questions regarding applications and methods of use, and customers are welcome to contact us using the details provided for any relevant advice.

Using non-toxic flame retardants and coatings in businesses and storage facilities that work with flammable products can provide enough time for staff to evacuate in the unfortunate occurrence of fires or disasters. It is also common to use special, non-toxic flame retardants with the new compounds used in foam insulations in construction. The same chemicals used will also lessen toxic fumes while smoldering, and this can help save a life. Since the discovery and the intensive research and development of non-toxic, flame retardant chemicals by JLS Chemical USA, more companies are choosing to add these to products and construction because they will save property and lives in the event of fires. In some cases, legislation has been put into place where it is now the law to use these chemicals, so finding the solution from a company like us that has everything you need gives you peace of mind. We welcome your inquiry, and you will see that we go the extra mile in building relationships with our clients!

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