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Non-Halogenated Flame Retardants

It is possible to find the latest, non-halogenated flame retardants from JLS Chemical USA at great value for money, plus a variety of alternatives to suit your materials and products, no matter what industry you are involved in. If you have ever watched disaster movies and national geographic programs about fires, you may have been amazed to see how fires can rage out of control. Many lives are lost each year. These are lives that could have been saved by using non-halogenated flame retardants in building materials and in coatings that can drastically slow down a fire. Special chemicals are now available on the market that can reduce toxic fumes and smoke and slow materials from burning. Extra seconds can mean people are able to escape from being burned to death.

Using non-halogenated flame retardants in products and building material is now becoming the rule rather than the exception because property and lives can be saved, and JLS Chemical USA leads the field in research and innovation. It is possible to add special coatings to structural building materials and plastic products that will reduce smoke, protect the integrity of materials from corrosion, and slow fires down. Non-halogenated flame retardants are just one example, and with the additional benefits they have of being environmentally-friendly and cost-effective, many companies are now using them extensively.

Most non-halogenated flame retardants consist of three basic chemical elements, namely inorganic acids like boric acids, cyan uric acids, and phosphoric acids, and these are easily combined in different formulas of chemicals for the purposes which they are to be used. For in-tumescent coatings for building materials, they may be combined in different densities and for product manufacturing in other combinations that are suitable. Because they are non-toxic, they can easily be applied with raw materials and in liquid coatings. For insulation purposes and foam materials, non-halogenated flame retardants are used extensively, particularly for spray-on compounds.

The JLS Chemicals USA website provides you with specification tables of the properties of our non-halogenated flame retardants, and you will see that this chemical is superb for electrical insulations in plastic manufacturing. You will also be able to choose the right chemical from a great range, which can suit the particular plastic products you are focused on manufacturing. We offer you technical advice from highly qualified chemists that will assist you with the right choice of non-halogenated flame retardants for the desired products.

The non-halogenated flame retardants and our other flame retardant chemicals all comply with industry laws, and no illegal substances are used in their manufacture. Using non-halogenated flame retardants that we offer also comes with the advantage of being environmentally-friendly and safe to handle. We understand that when it comes to using special chemicals in your process of manufacturing, your company has individual and specific needs, and we can cater to them with top-level advice and information that can satisfy your requirements.

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