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Melamine Based Flame Retardants

produced by JLS Chemical USA, are state-of-the-art when it comes to coatings required for protection against fires, and also in the reduction of toxic fumes, should a fire occur. We have been researching the best flame retardants and other chemicals for many years to further reduce noxious fumes which may be the difference between losses of life and saving them when fire disasters strike. In certain states, some legislation is in place to use flame retardants already, and are further being investigated to enforce the use of these chemicals in manufacturing that can make all the difference in saving lives and also property.

At JLS Chemical USA, we produce the latest, cost-effective chemicals for manufacturers of products, which make them safer for consumers. Plastic goods manufacturers use special additives in raw materials as a treatment for flame retardant. Paint and coating manufacturers will find that our Melamine-based flame retardants are the solution for tumescent coatings, which will only break down after extreme temperatures in excessive conditions. Have a look at the JLS-Melamine chemical properties on our website, and you will certainly agree that this is one of the best products on the market for in tumescent coatings.

Foam fillers for insulations that are used in dry walls and also combination spray types for insulations in roofs use Melamine-based flame retardants, which is just one useful example of where they are already used. Ongoing research is investigating further uses for this desirable chemical. The properties of Melamine-based flame retardants show that they have excellent flame retardant properties over other chemicals, like Halogen antimony and Organo phosphorus. This chemical has low smoke density and toxicity, can be handled safely, and what makes it even more desirable, is the fact that it is environmentally-friendly, as well.

At JLS Chemical USA the Melamine-based flame retardants are just one example of the variety of chemicals that we have produced for manufacturers and construction, as well as other industries where they can be used, which enhances safety of products or installations. In fires, poisonous chemicals are the result of many deaths rather than the flames or the heat itself, and you can have a look at the special chemicals that have been designed to reduce this factor. Using combinations of flame retardants makes it possible to produce products that are superior to those without treatment.

If you are a manufacturer of products or building materials then your certification of using Melamine-based flame retardants or other flame retardants in your products makes them far more desirable to the end user. JLS Chemical USA is ready to assist you with the right solutions, and we boast customer care and technical assistance to help you use our special chemicals correctly. Enjoy expert advice when you require it, plus cost-effective chemicals that are state-of-the-art flame retardants for a variety of different purposes. We constantly strive, through innovative research, to better each product, and you have the advantage of this through your relationship with us.

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