Chemist consultation services include application development and application customization.
Capture competitive price via manufacture direct
JLS Chemical offers a consolidated supplier base for all your flame retardant needs
Chemist consultation is available for all clients. (All our Chemists have PhDs from respectable institutions.)
U.S. based customer service and logistics to ensure client needs are satisfied.

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JLS Chemical USA is a worldwide manufacturer for industrial and commercial purpose flame retardants, and although it is the customers from varied industries who set milestones, it is JSL Chemical USA that is supplying the solutions. With a broad base of long-term relationships with numerous industries, functions, and locations, JLS Chemical USA stands prepared to meet the ever-increasing demand for quality, non-halogenated flame retardants. Melamine is a main ingredient of the company's flame retardant products.

JLS Chemical USA offers an ordering facility through the Internet, but chemist consultants are available for all clients. Every chemist at the JLS Chemical USA facility holds a PhD qualification from reputable institutions. Consultation services include application development and application customization, and all products are ranged in very competitive prices via the manufacturer direct. JLS Chemical USA is supplying the need for a consolidated, provider-base for each industry's flame retardant requirements. The retardants consist of non-halogenated, JLS - MC, or melamine cyanurates, for the manufacturing of plastics and the JLS - PNA, or melamine polyphosphate, for glass fiber reinforced polymides.

JLS Chemical USA has created a new application in the flame retarding products, which is for the effective usage in the cable manufacturing industry. The new application is low in density, has efficient processing, good mechanical properties, and excellent flame retardation and affordable prices when related to Aluminum Magnesium Hydroxide. Melamine has been known of in the field of kitchen, office, and restaurant industries, and many homes have countertops made of melamine because of the quick and effective cleaning that is effortlessly achieved, as well as the fact that hot pots and dishes can be placed on the counters without burning or leaving singe marks. JSL Chemical USA has created highly efficient flame retardants, which have improved the area of fire safety. Some of the advantages of the large variety of products are far lower smoke emissions, and absolutely no halogens, which make the products environmentally-friendly. The flame retardants are waterproof with an aging stability and low migration.

Melamine is a chemical substance, which, when mixed with other properties, becomes a plastic material. Melamine is a trimer of cyanamide, and it has sixty-six percent nitrogen by mass, and provides fire retardant properties to the resin formula by releasing nitrogen when burned or charred. JSL Chemical USA has included melamine in its products for its specific flame retardation and fire-safety properties. Melamine has also been used in the making of commercial fertilizer, as well as durable, thermoselling plastic and plastic foam, which has many applications and uses in the home and commercially. Other end products made of melamine include not only kitchen countertops and tabletops, but also glues, fabrics, and house wares. Melamine is also the main component in Pigment Yellow 150, which is utilized as a colorant in inks, as well as plastics. Since 2007, when many brands of overseas-manufactured pet food were recalled and found to contain melamine, it has been closely monitored. No melamine toxicity has ever been revealed in humans, and it is perfectly safe to work with.

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