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Intumescent Coating

New, innovative ways are being sought that can buy time for the safety and rescue of people who are caught in fires. In buildings and homes, fire can quickly rage out of control, but having said this, in many cases, there is still a little time to escape. The real problem lies in the thick, poisonous smoke and highly combustible materials that cause people to lose consciousness in fires, and lives are lost more due to this than the flames of the fire. New chemicals in fire retardants are being designed by research laboratories, and JLS Chemical USA is a company that has fast built a powerful reputation of being leaders in this field. Already, special intumescent coating, low-smoke fire retardant chemicals, and much more have been produced, all of which are very desirable.

Intumescent coating is a chemical that is now widely used in many processes, which includes paints, plastics, and certain building steel structure materials. In layman's terms, intumescent coating is a compound that will deteriorate into a low smoke foam barrier when heated, and this is very desirable in the case of a fire. Building designers specify the use of intumescent coating in new buildings wherever possible, as well as other flame retardants that will go a long way in saving lives. The use of intumescent coatings in easy-to-apply paints are now very desirable, and in ambient temperatures up to a certain degree, this compound is very stable.

At JLS Chemical USA we supply chemicals for intumenscent coating that is used by different manufacturers in many different products. When materials are exposed to extreme heat, the intumescent coating breaks down into a protective layer that will protect the structure for a certain period of time. The use of this sensational, state-of-the-art chemical can save many lives by buying time. Buildings that have materials treated with low smoke retardants and intumescent coatings are now very desirable, and new ways are being researched on how they can be implemented in a variety of manufacturing processes. In buildings where wood is extensively used, intumescent coating goes a long way for the safety barrier that will be produced during a fire hazard.

When producing chemicals for fire retardants, the environmental impact is also an important consideration, and we do everything possible to produce chemicals that are completely safe and not harmful to humans, plants, or animals. The intumescent coating flame retardant protection is now being widely used, and hailed as an excellent breakthrough that can save lives and structures that would otherwise have had no chance. JLS Chemical USA certainly leads the field, and we have built lasting customer relationships with many manufacturers that use our chemicals in many different applications. New discoveries in flame retardant chemicals, like low smoke flame retardants, this intumescent coating, and plastic chemical retardants are widely used. Many lives can be saved by buying time when there is a fire that is retarded because manufacturers and builders had the good sense to use chemicals designed to slow flames down!

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