Chemist consultation services include application development and application customization.
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JLS Chemical USA is an international manufacturer and supplier of both industrial and commercial flame retardants and intumescence. JLS Chemical USA is committed to offering customer's intumescence that are manufactured in accordance to stringent quality control and are centered on environmentally sound polices. These very polices have allowed JLS Chemicals USA to become a dependable worldwide manufacturer of non-halogen intumescence or flame retardants. Intumescence manufactured by JLS Chemicals USA caters to the specific needs of individual customers, and in light of JLS Chemicals USA's extensive reach across numerous industrial applications and their geographies, JLS Chemical is able to effectively meet the needs for the ever-growing demand in quality, halogen-free intumescence and flame retardants. Through commitment, understanding, and an advanced technological stance, a partnership with JLS Chemical USA is a symbiotic and long-term relationship that will cater to your organization's specific need for intumescence.

Intumescence is a material that, when exposed to heat swells, this increases the materials volume and decreases the materials density. Intumescence is used as a means to offer passive fire protection, owing to its ability to act as an effective flame retardant. Intumescence effectively works well in a number of applications, including standard buildings, gasket applications, fireproofing, offshore construction, ships, and aircrafts. Through numerous technological advances and JLS Chemical USA's clear and precise understanding within the realm of chemicals, intumescence is relied upon to provide adequate protection to the listed applications in the event of a fire. Intumescence putty is used in cable penetration fire stop, offering a barrier between the cables, and acting as an effective flame retardant where a number of high-voltage cables are grouped together. Furthermore, intumescence putty may further be used to cover electrical outlet boxes found in drywall applications, where the risk of fire is fairly high, and the surrounding materials are flammable. The uses of the well-manufactured intumescence of JLS Chemicals has a number of uses in a vast array of applications, from fire doors to fire pillows.

JLS Chemical USA is a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge fire retardants that make use of halogen-free products, as well as effective intumescence, which can greatly reduce the damage that is caused by fire. Through the consultation services that are offered by JLS Chemical USA, clients are able to obtain applications that are able to meet their specific needs for a vast number of applications. In addition, JSL Chemical is able to offer clients a comprehensive database that serves the client's flame retardant needs, either through intumescence or halogen-free fire retardants. JLS Chemical USA makes use of a locally-based customer service, allowing all logistic needs to be satisfied, while continual commitment and dedication, JLS Chemical USA will make certain that intumescence are of the highest quality and able to deliver an effective method of flame retardant and limit the damage caused by fire. Feel free to view the JLS Chemical USA website at, and learn more about how intumescence and the wide range of fire retardants can provide maximum protection.

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