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Halogen Free

JLS Chemical USA is a unique corporation that investigates and explores the manufacture of various flame retardant components. JLS Chemical USA has investigated and surveyed a number of products that are able to cater to customer's requirements by way of flame retardants that are made up of halogen-free, glass-fiber enforced polyamide. In addition, JLS Chemical USA has began looking into producing an environmentally friendly or "green", low smoke, halogen-free compound that can be used successfully in cabling that is able to meet and exceed customers requirements and expectations. The cabling is low-density, offers incredible mechanical properties, and low-flaw retardant capabilities. In terms of cost, this halogen-free compound is able to provide an excellent price/performance ratio. Through innovation, quality, and service, JLS Chemical USA is committed to offering the highest level of quality products that are able to deliver superior performance.

JLS Chemical USA is a global producer for both industrial and commercial flame retardants. Supported by a wide-ranging customer service base, as well as a strong alliance to environmental issues, innovative and state-of-the-art technology, JLS Chemical USA is one of the leading global, halogen-free, flame retardant producers. Owing to JLS Chemical USA's far reach and ability to meet the growing demand for halogen-free retardants, JLS Chemical USA is able to produce and develop high-grade flame retardants that are resultant from their superior knowledge and experience in halogen-free, flame retardant specialization. Partnering with JLS Chemical USA is a perfect platform to meet your flame retardant needs that is based on halogen-free manufacture, owing to a high level of environmental awareness, as well as centered on cutting-edge chemical technologically. JLS Chemical USA is a global player in a landscape that is focusing more on environmental issues, and how, through the use of halogen-free compounds and components, innovative and forward-thinking techniques are incorporated. Through expertise and chemical leverage, JLS Chemical USA has tailor-made and customized halogen-free flame retardant applications that are able to meet customer's precise and unique needs.

JLS Chemical USA has created a range of halogen-free flame retardants that is able to effectively serve a number of applications, including flame retardants for flexible and rigid urethane foams, unsaturated polyesters, epoxies, and acrylics. Through JLS Chemical USA's extensive reach across a number of industries, function, and geographies, JLS Chemical USA is certainly able to deliver and meet the ever-growing demand for high quality, customized, and halogen-free flame retardants. The manufactured halogen-free flame retardant is ammonium polyphosphate that is created by a special process that allows it to have a uniform, fine particle size and phase II crystalline form, which has a high degree of polymerization. This halogen-free compound is virtually insoluble in water and totally insoluble in organic solvents. For more information and a detailed view on the halogen-free compound, feel free to view the JLS Chemical USA website at, and partner with a chemical organization that is innovative, forward-thinking, and committed to environmental conservation in all of their products and investigations.

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