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Flame Retardants

Flame retardants are materials that inhibit or resist the spread of fire and can be separated into several categories such as: minerals and metals, tetrakis and synthetic materials usually halocarbons. However, many flame retardants have been implicated in harmful effects to humans and have since been banned. Today, the need for safer flame retardants has led to the investigation of halogen free compounds as alternatives for use as flame retardants. JLS Chemical is a leading global manufacturer of industrial and commercial purpose flame retardants. Its mission is to make JLS Chemical the industry and commercial choice for non-halogenated flame retardant (NHFR) products, by providing an array of value added services, maintaining lone-term relationships and becoming the technological leader in flame retardant chemicals.

In a bid to achieve its mission, JLS Chemical offers comprehensive customer service, environmental stewardship and cutting edge innovation to make flame retardants that are safer to both humans and the environment. The company understands that not all applications have universal functionality and therefore uses its extensive know-how and expertise to tailor its flame retardants applications in conjunction with its customers. Through these customized and innovative solutions, JLS Chemical is able to promptly and efficiently meet the individual requirements of each customer. Because JLS Chemical is concerned with safety and the environment, it has created a new application that meets the cable industry needs. The application characteristic is low in density, efficient-processing, excellent mechanical properties, excellent flame retardancy and a superb price to performance ratio relative to the Aluminum Magnesium Hydroxide. JLS Chemical is your ideal global partner for superior quality and customized non-halogenated flame retardants. It has the capabilities to meet the growing demand for flame retardants and develop and produce high-grade flame retardants.

JLS Chemical's flame retardants are highly efficient at improving the fire safety of a variety of products. JLS flame retardants have several advantages which include lower smoke, halogen free and environmentally friendly, varied series of products for a broad range of applications, excellent processing and waterproof, with aging stability and low migration. The range of flame retardants products consists of non-halogenated JLS-MC (melamine cyanurate) for plastics, JLS-PNA (melamine polyphosphate) for glass fiber reinforced polyamides and JLS-PNP (ammonium polyphosphate) for polyolefin (PP, PE, EVA etc.). Also on offer is JLS-FRBN (tribromophenyl cyanurate) for ABS, HIPS, PC etc. and JLS-APP which can be used in intumescent coatings, PU rigid foam, thermoplastics and unsaturated resin. For detailed information on each of these flame retardants and their applications, please visit

JLS Chemical is fast becoming a global leader in safety and environmental stewardship. By offering innovative flame retardants products that are non-halogenated, lower smoke and environmentally safe it is only a matter of time before this dynamic company becomes the global choice manufacturer of flame retardants. JLS Chemical offers exclusive chemical consultation services that include application development and customization, capture competitive price via direct manufacture, a consolidated supplier base for all your flame retardants needs and US based customer service and logistics. Whatever your application or need, JLS Chemical can manufacture tailor made flame retardants products that are suited to your requirements at the most competitive prices!

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