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Fire Resistant

If you are a manufacturing company looking for new innovations in fire resistant chemicals that can be added to your materials or products for more safety for consumers, then you will be pleased to have discovered JLS Chemical USA. We are constantly doing research into new products to make materials safe using additives and fire resistant chemicals. Certain materials, when burning, can let off noxious fumes that can be deadly, while other materials can be highly combustible under certain conditions. Making your products fire resistant is another step forward for your company, and we have the right solutions to help you to achieve this.

Some examples of the fire resistant chemical we produce here at JLS Chemical USA consist of non-halogenated JLS-MC (melamine cynaurate) for plastic materials and products and JLS-PNA (melamine polyphosphate) for glass fiber reinforced polyamides. You can read, on our website, the specifications of our fire resistant chemicals and choose the correct one for your applications. Should you be unsure, we welcome your inquiry and our expert staff will certainly be happy to fulfill your needs in every way.

Millions of dollars are lost every year because of highly combustible materials that can catch fire under certain conditions. The use of additives and chemicals to make products fire resistant is common practice and a huge step forward for safety. Lives and equipment can be saved if fire resistant chemicals have been used, even if there are high temperatures. The are also new legislations that are slowly being phased in over a period of time to make certain plastic and other materials safe by using fire resistant chemicals. Some legislation has already prohibited certain chemicals and you may be unaware that you are using them in your products already. We can assist you with certified products that are acceptable according to the laws that are in place.

JLS Chemical USA provides you with a consultancy service where we can analyze your materials and make pertinent suggestions on how to make them fire resistant. If you are already using fire resistant chemicals, then you will be pleased to discover that we are the most cost-effective chemical company providing chemicals of this nature. You will see that we already have a variety of different, fire retardant chemicals that will interact with different materials to make them fire resistant, and you can let us know what suits your requirements.

You can certainly take a step forward in making your materials and consumer products safe by using our chemicals to make your materials fire resistant. It is common practice to treat certain buildings now with fire resistant chemicals for safety. New fire resistant chemicals have been formulated to also give off less smoke and fumes, which can be life savers as well. Why not take a little time to educate yourself on fire retardants by browsing our website, and you will see that we offer you the ultimate, effective solution in a variety of chemicals to suit any materials.

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