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Ammonium Polyphosphate

Using fire retardant chemicals in materials is becoming standard practice, particularly for companies that are safety conscious and also wish to comply with certain legislations that are in place to protect against fire hazards. JLS Chemical USA is the leading chemical company, producing the latest in researched chemicals to facilitate the fire retardant properties of select materials to the maximum, possible standards. Take, for example, the use of ammonium polyphosphate, a stable compound with high properties of fire resistance. This is a chemical we already extensively use in certain volumes in our chemicals because of its stability and versatility.

You can read the properties of ammonium polyphosphate on our website if you are technically minded, and you will see that it has the properties for being non-toxic and safe for humans and animals. In layman's terms, ammonium polyphosphate has superior properties in fire resistance and is used in chemicals to treat certain plastics and materials for this purpose. You will find that this chemical is thermally stable and very safe to use. It is already commonly used in fertilizers, as well as in certain foods, which gives you an indication of just how safe it really is. Ammonium polyphosphate is used as a fire retardant extensively to coat steel and wooden materials in the building industry, and with new formulations, is also added to certain plastics, paints, and foam insulations, as well.

At JSL Chemical USA, we are constantly researching the best possible solutions for fire retardant chemicals and have found that ammonium polyphosphate is an unbeatable, stable compound that has proven its ability for maximum efficiency in its fire retardant abilities. If your company or manufacturing plant is looking for new chemical compounds for your materials or products to meet U.S. legislations, then we have a team of expert, Ph.D. qualified professionals who can assist you to meet your requirements in every aspect.

Many home panels and insulations use foams that are treated with ammonium polyphosphate for safety. If there is a fire, it has been shown that this compound does not give off toxic fumes, which can be even more harmful that the fire itself. It can also slow down the spread of the fire, and after extensive testing, has been found to be a highly respected chemical compound for fire resistance in many materials. We will be pleased to assist your business or company find the right solutions that are cost-effective for fire resistance and that suit the different types of materials on the market. No doubt you be pleased to find that we are uncompromising when it comes to providing the best, possible solution to alternative fire proofing chemicals for your materials regardless of the purpose.

JSL Chemical USA is a company with global reach that has built a reputation of excellence after innovative research in the chemical field, so you can choose our services with confidence, whether you wish to source ammonium polyphosphate or the variety of other chemicals that will suit your desired purposes.

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