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JLS-FR90H 90° C Thermoplastics Polyolefin, Low smoke, halogen-free, flame retardant compound for cable jacket
JLS-FR90H has been designed for 90°C rated cable and control jacket,medium and low voltage application.
JLS-FR90H is designed to pass VW-1(single vertical burning),it also can pass the standard Level A or B in IEC 60332-3 accor ding to different cable structure designing.
  Unit Typical Value Test Method
Density g/cm3 1.10 GB1033
Melt Flow Rate g/10min 0.8 GB3682

Tensile Strength

MPa 17 GB/T1040
Elongation % 620 GB/T1040
Cold Brittleness (-25°C)   pass GB/T2951
Heat aging (method) °C×h 125°C×168h GB/T2951
Change of Tensile Strength % 8 GB/T1040
Change of Elongation % -2 GB/T1040

Hot penetration

% 26 GB8815
Volume Resistivity(20°C) O·cm 4×1012 GB/T1410
LOI % 36 GB2406
HCLGeneration % 0 IEC 60754-1
Toxicity index   2.1 NES 713
Smoke density
Conductance µS/mm 2.6 IEC 60754-2
PH value   6.9 IEC 60754-1
Processing Guidelines
No need of especial screw combination,which can process in ordinary PVC processing machine.The compound don't need pre-dry.One-size pressure or low draw tube on tooling is preferred.
Storage and package
It storage at ambient temperature,avoid direct exposure to sunlight and weathering,also avoid mositure.The compound could be negatively offerted by long stocking tire.JLS suggests its use with in 6 months from the compounding date.If pre-dy before extrusion for 4 hours in 80°C.JLS-FR90H/FR90J is available in multilayer moistur-proof 25kg bags.
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