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JLS MC-  Melamine Cyanurate
CAS N: 37640-57-6
EINECS N: 2535757
PRODUCT N: 200307
  Difference Competitor Application
JLS-MC15 Ciba MC15(same)
Budit 315 (similar)
1. PA6/66 and all application of JLS-MC25
2. Better flowing
3. TPU: add 30-40%, can pass UL1581 cable standard
JLS-MC25 Ciba MC25(same) 1. PA6/66
2. It is ordinary and big breed in JLS-MC
3. PP and other polymer: as lubricant and white modifier instead of TiO2 ( 1-5 phr)
JLS-MC50 Ciba MC50(similar)

1. Masterbatch
2. PBT: cooperate with filler (nanometer level), MC50 about 15phr+ filler 5-20phr, which compound is used for cable wrap



2.Silicone treated

Budit315s (similar) 1. PA6/66
2. Magnetism material: Fe2O3 and other magnetism material+ PA6/66+MC, if other MC is used, it may have a residue of white powder at the product surface
3. Special color is needed
  A little more fine than Ciba MC50, JLS-MC50 is better than Ciba MC50 at the machine property, for example notched impact strength.
  The treatment method is different. Budit 315s imitates to JLS MC810
  UL1581 follows a stricter flame retardant standard for E&E cable; if adding other flame retardant, MC can cut drow.
  For PA6/66:
• PA6, 66 mineral filled: UL 94 V-0 at 13~15 wt%
• PA6, 66 glass fiber reinforced: 10~15% glass fiber( using long GF), 15% MC, if GF is above 15%, it may have an adverse affect. When using short GF, you can add above 15% GF because of lower attrition in the extruder twin screw
Properties: UL 94 V-2, Glow wire 960 , CTI > 500 Volt
  For lubricant: MC is 3-5%
  For white modifier: MC is 1-2% adequately
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