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JLS-PNP1: Ammonium Polyphosphate Analog
CAS No: 68333-79-9
EINECS: 269-789-9

M= amine compound, we adjust M breed and ratio to get PNP1, PNP1C and PNP1D

  Difference Competitor Application
1.P≈23%, N≈19% 2.Average particle=appro.15µm
Clariant AP760(similar)2
Clariant AP750(similar)
Budit 3076 (similar
1. Polyolifin
JLS-PNP1C 1.P≈22%, N≈18%
2.Average particle=appro.10µm
3.Heat yellow stability is the best
4.Better water-proof than PNP1
5.Best white coloration
No 1. PE, EVA and etc
2. TPE, TPU3
JLS-PNP1D 1.P≈22%, N≈18%
2.Average particle=appro.10µm
3.More white than PNP1
Clariant AP760(similar)
Clariant AP750(similar)
Budit 3076 (similar
1. PP
1.P≈23%, N≈19%
2.Average particle = appro.15µm
3.It is treated by dispersant based on JLS-PNP1A
4.It is a little inefficient than JLS-PNP1
  1. The similar as PNP1
The JLS-PNP1 is the best flame retardant of JLS-PNP1 series in flame retardant efficiency. One limitation is its particulate size are relatively big causing certain applications to be unable to use, such as (e.g. cable);
Other competitor products perform less effective in water-proof and flame retardant efficiency, such as, Budit 3076 comparably performs worse in water-proof testing
JLS-PNP1 is also used in TPU and TPE, but JLS-PNP1C is more dispersive in the polymer. JLS comparable competitor’s products cannot be used in TPU and TPE, but JLS is unique. The compound is mainly used to E&E cable (the standard is UL1581)
At PP, the flame retarded efficiency chart is provided
Loading, phr LOI
33 28 26 28
43 33 31 32
54 38 36 38
66 42 39 41
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